InstaMap FAQ

About Us

Have you heard InstaMap is here! We've released a new InstaDate feature called InstaMap and as it's a new concept we've launched, we understand there might be some questions. We hope we've answered your questions, but if you have any more, just send us an email, get started.

* What restaurants have you chosen?

We keep this secret up until the map is released, but to put your mind at ease, the first restaurants are all situated in Christchurch city central and chosen as they are hidden gems we think you'll enjoy!

* What days and times have you chosen?

We are giving you options! You can select from two dates per restaurant and the dates will be spread out to allow for choice. We will always choose weekdays and always at 6pm.

* Do I pay for my own drinks and meal?

Yes, your subscription of $18.49 only covers the planning and release of InstaMap

* What happens after I subscribe?

We will send you an intro email with more info. As well as the release date for your map.

* What if I didn't enjoy the experience?

You can cancel after your first subscription. You can pretty much cancel any time.

* Can I bring a single friend?

Yes, just make sure they purchase a subscription as well.