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  • Exclusive dinners in Christchurch, at set dates, times and age groups.


Exclusive dinners in Christchurch, at set dates, times and age groups. find out more


Instadate is a hosted New Zealand speed dating service based in Christchurch that has been created for amazing single men and women that have lost faith in online dating and looking to meet other like minded connections in a unique and fun setting.

Instadate asks that Mr Right or Miss Right share who they are from the first connection. We are tired of seeing you spend time and energy looking for love in all the wrong places. Online dating apps have become a place for the bored, the frightening and for living out fantasies.

We want to help you find a spark that leads to a second, third and fourth date. Maybe even wedding bells.

We are in the business of finding you a connection and these events are short and sweet enough to do just that. We host our events at unique venues that offer a fun and exciting way to meet new connections. Make the connection. Follow the spark...

Games Night

Gin Tasting

Hello Sumner

The secret is out!

"Hi Instadate. Thanks for putting on a great night! Being a first time speed dater and recently returning to the dating scene, I reflect with some, “should a dones.”, there were a number of wonderful women there who with more time I would have enjoyed getting to know. Oh well, next time I guess!  (Hope you do this again) Cheers, Blair (converted gin drinker!)"


"Thank you for a fun evening and gin tasting, I really enjoyed it."


"Thanks for running this, had a great time! Time will tell if I need to come to another one! "


"Hi Instadate, Thank you for organizing such a great event. I hope you are able to keep me informed of future ones.  It's such a fun and easy way to connect with people."