About Us

As the business owner, I know what it's like dating in today's day and age. That is why in April 2023 I started Instadate. Singles work hard and play hard and don't have time to waste. Instadate opens a door for singles (up to 70) to meet each other face to face and in a safe environment. We are a hosted speed dating company and our aim is to give you the opportunity to meet like minded singles. Your host was single once, works full time and does this part time with the goal to connect singles. Every event we host, we learn from and we value your feedback. 

I don't see an event for my age group? Why is that?

We generate interest for events by posting registration forms asking some information regarding your interests, age and what you're looking for. Once we have generated enough interest for an event, we look at the majority age interest and create an event to reflect that. 

If you don't see your age group advertised for an event, that means that unfortunately we couldn't generate enough interest to plan one for you. But don't despair as we might have a different event in the pipeline specially designed for your age group! Keep an eye on our social media and website for more information regarding our events. And make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 

What if I match with someone that turns out to be a bad match? 

This is why we have a tick box on our registration form that asks what information you are legally agreeing for us to share with a potential match. As you know there's always a chance of meeting good people and bad people. We use our best judge of character, but people can still portray one image and be another. In this case, if you've opened communication to him/ her, just make sure to close the communication door if it turns out it wasn't a good match.